Seasonal Temperature Changes

As the season changes, to prevent catching a ‘cold’ or flu-like symptoms, here are some tips. This Fall was particularly warm, so be aware of the changing temperatures throughout the day and evening. Dress more warmly than the day-time highs require, because at dusk the temperature often drops precipitously. The amount of moisture in the air affects the real-feel temperature more than most of us realize. The leaves on the ground, although appearing dry on top, hold moisture for days after is rains. I attest that during this period, even while the sun is shining, moisture emits from the ground and makes it feel colder than the thermometer would have us believe.

High-deductible Health Insurance Plans May Cost Your More!

Substantially more, as many as 75%, HSA (health savings account) high-deductible health 
plans are being forced upon employees for their health coverage.  This is a substantial 
increase from recent years, and, although it lowers premiums paid or taken out of 
pay-stubs per month it raises out-of-pocket expenses much more than traditional plans.  
To cushion the blow, some employers are paying a part of the high-deductible, but balance 
is the responsibility of the employee.  These pay-out must occur before the insurance 
policy starts.  

Don't be mislead by the lower monthly premium.  For example, for a $5,000.00 deductible 
plan, even if your employer pays for the first $2,500.00, the next $2,500.00 is your 
responsibility before the policy starts to pay.  Once the deductible is met, co-pays or 
percentages-of-payouts remain the responsibility of the employee.

Viruses Contagious for Thirty Minutes

Not all viruses are the same.  Some can survive and remain contagious for up to thirty minutes on the fingertips!  Flu is transmitted from person to person, mainly, by inhaling tiny virus particles that are released into the air when infected individuals cough and sneeze. Direct contact with contaninated fingers is considered an equally important method of transmission.  Do not touch one’s hands to the face and wash hands regularly.

Eye-strain Supplements

Near and far-vision for reading and driving are not enough to consider for overall good eye function.  One should consider ‘screen-distance’ and ‘television-distance’, too, because they measure differently than near-and-far, are often used and can cause eye strain if not prescribed for properly.  I recommend when one feels eye-strain to change the gaze by looking away form the screen to the outside through a window and add natural dietary supplements bilberry, which promotes circulation to and within the eye and lutein, (my preference) which is a derivative of vitamin A and helps to filter light.

Back Sleep With Heals Off the End of Bed

This article, found at my website’s “Health Information” page speaks and is titled “The Importance of Good Sleeping Posture”

If one sleeps on the back which I recommend, without a pillow under the legs which the article recommends because it decreases pressure on the low back, it is best to allow the heals to protrude off the end of the bed!

This will allow more of the weight of the calves to contact the mattress, prevent the legs from not rotating outward and the knees from extending.

For Good Health,

Dr Saracino

The Best Powdered Protien

WNATI recommend a very high quality powdered-protein brand; Jarrow Unflavored Whey Protein.  Try it in cereal milk or oak meal.  A high-protein breakfast is vital for good nutrition in addition to a quality daily-food-supplement (one-a-day type) from either: Twin Labs, Schiff or Solgar.  A few more supplements are recommended, as well, like a joint compound with condriotin sulfate and glucose amine, which are derived from shark cartilage, and time-released vitamin C and vitamin A.

You’re Only Old Once! – Book Review

You’re Only Old Once!   by Doctor Seuss, Random House, New York.

 If laughter is the best medicine, then You’re Only Old Once!is
a delightful new defense against aging. I highly recommend it
for children from 7 to 70.Anyone who has even submitted to
a battery of medical tests will empathize with Dr. Seuss’
Everyman in this wry book. In it we follow our hapless hero
through his checkup with the experts at the Golden Years Clinic,
beginning withthe waiting room and the atmosphere of tranquility
it attempts to create. Once out of the waiting room and into the
doctor’s domain, all of us can relate to our hero’s desire to escape:
And if you’re the type that gets finichy – finick
at this point you’ll try to get out of that clinic.
But they will
outwit you as quick as a winick!
The Quiz – Does will catch you!
They’ll start questionnairing!
They’ll ask you, point blank how your parts are all faring.
Dr. Seuss parodies diagnostic drudgery, after which Everyman
must sign on the dotted line.
When at last we are sure
you’ve been properly pilled,
then a few paper forms
must be properly filled
so that you and your heirs
may be properly billed.
As a prolific writer of children’s books, Dr. Seuss’ satiric social
commentaries won him countless adult fans.You’re Only
Young Once!was published on his 82nd birthday
and is aptly described as a book for “obsolete children.”
In this age of highly technical and scientific methods, medical
treatment is often reduced to impersonal finding and cold-handed
prescription. My emphasis is to preserve the human
element—thus are always willing to laugh at ourselves.

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