Eye Strain and the Common Headache

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between headaches and eyestrain? How does eye fatigue make our necks tight and heads painful? One of the nucleuses of nerves that transmit information from our eyes extends from between the temples to the middle of the neck. It does not have the usual round-shape of other nuclei, but is thin and 9 inches long! This special sensory eye-nerve nucleus is located near neck nerves that control neck muscles. The eye-nerve, which is surrounded by the neck nerves, when over stimulated, irritates the neck nerves and triggers a unique reaction which makes our neck muscles tight. This contraction diminishes blood supply and causes irritation at the base of the skull, often resulting in head pain (cephalgia). Chiropractic neurological spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy and stretching relax the neck muscles that restrict normal function to the back of the head. This combined with neck manipulations frequently relieve common headaches. Some studies have shown that up to eighty percent of common headaches originate in or have some involvement with the neck.

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