How Can One’s Back Suddenly “Go Out?”

Innocent movements such as reaching overhead, stepping off a curb, bending to tie a shoe or vacuuming can trigger severe low-back pain (LBP) because the underlining causes were long-standing! The subtle acts that cause LBP are, really, the “final straw”! Years of spinal abuse predispose one to back injuries. Excess body weight, poor sitting and standing postures, stress, and flaccid back extension (spinal erectors) and abdominal muscles greatly increase our chances of sudden, seemingly, unprovoked LBP because they destabilize the spine. The excess tension on the spine caused by these maladies is ongoing. It can stress the spine beyond its means to a break-point causing spasm and pain. The predisposing factors mentioned here are, most times, more important that the actual movement that started the pain.

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