Electrolyte and Water Consumption

Electrolytes — Necessary Liquid Nutrients
Have you ever felt lightheaded or dizzy after enjoying the hot sun and then subsequently bloated after consuming large quantities of your favorite cold drink? Does it occur at the worst time — family cook-outs, friends’ parties, sporting events? The following tips may make your “fun in the sun” more enjoyable.
Long periods of perspiration deplete your body of fluids and electrolytes causing temporary mild dehydration. Electrolytes are small nutrients that are easily absorbed, but quickly depleted during perspiration. One should replenish electrolytes, which consist of mostly potassium and glucose, with a high quality sport drink such as Gatoraide or, better yet, a natural fruit juice mixed equally with water. Important as it is, water by itself contains no electrolytes and will not provide complete relief. We drink it excessively in an attempt to replace electrolytes, when it possess none, leaving us feeling bloated. Drink it slowly, at room temperature when the body cools and perspiration stops. Never drink when out of breath.
Water — For Life and Disease Prevention…

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