Water – Essential for Life and Health

Warm weather causes increased perspiration which requires the ingestion of more fluids, none of which is as beneficial as water. The replenishment of electrolytes, small substances found in fluids essential in preventing dehydration, is just as important. Gatorade is the most recognized and one of the best electrolyte replenishment drinks, and if you ever tasted it it has a light sweet flavor.
Likewise, natural fruit juices (excluding orange and other citrus products, because of their acidity and low-nutrient contents) do just as well as Gatorade for most of us as our needs are not that great. Intense activities, which result in large amounts of perspiration, require Gatorade or a homemade mixture of two-thirds water and one-third fruit juice. At room temperature it is easiest to digest and least irritating for the esophagus and stomach. Also, one should not drink right after or before submersing in water.

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