Curbing Health Costs – No Fault to Holistic Doctors!

Most know that medical bills are escalating faster than the cost-of-living and inflation, but few know that our tax dollars are contributing to the upward spiral. Government subsidies (free money) and low-interest loans continue to be given for inflationary purchases of costly diagnostic/therapeutic equipment, redundant research projects and unnecessary expansion of health care facilities. Recent studies have found that most communities are oversupplied with MRI and radiation therapy equipment, as an example. Research grants are often distributed without a coordination plan, causing repetition of elaborate and invasive procedures. Holistic and preventative ones are usually not emphasized. Since most of our health care dollars are spent after age 65, because of chronic degenerative diseases, more research on “how we live here and now” should be awarded to reduce costs in the long run. Although the numbers of patient stays in hospitals are decreasing, beds continue to be built.

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