Roger Rabbit Medical Mishaps

Minutes hang like hours in a doctor’s waiting room. Worse yet is when our anticipation is met with a hurried exam. Isn’t it frustrating to leave with important questions unanswered?
Walt Disney productions created a parody on medical care titled “Tummy Trouble”. It featured Roger Rabbit who was boosted to stardom in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” An infant whom roger is babysitting accidentally swallows one of his rattles. The child is taken to the hospital, but Roger is misdiagnosed as having ‘tummy trouble’! The abandoned baby roams the hallways while Roger is rushed to surgery. Roger’s operation is halted by the lunch whistle, but he is not out of danger because the infant crawls into the operating room and unwittingly activates an atom smasher! Roger saves himself and the infant by eluding the deadly ray and surviving other life threatening incidences. No doubt, the cartoon addresses some of the shortcomings of today’s health care system.

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