More on Chiropractic’s Effectiveness for Headaches

…Boline (3) compared the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation and amitriptyline for chronic tension-type headache. One hundred fifty patients were divided into two groups. One group received spinal manipulative therapy by chiropractic physicians and the other group received amitriptyline medication by a medical physician. Both groups were treated for six weeks. During the treatment period, both groups improved at similar rates in all primary outcomes. In relation to baseline values four weeks after cessation of treatment, the spinal manipulation group showed a reduction of 32 percent in headache intensity, 42 percent in headache frequency, 30 percent in over-the-counter medication usage and a 16 percent improvement in functional health status. By comparison, the amitriptyline group showed no improvement or a slight worsening from baseline values in the same four outcome measures. In addition, the study reported amitriptyline patients (82 percent) reported more side effects including drowsiness, dry mouth and weight gain compared to patients receiving chiropractic care (4.3 percent experienced.

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