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Research Paper on Therapy I Perform for Chronic Concussion Syndrome

PUBLISHED TODAY! A chiropractic neurologist and his team of researchers, today, had a scientific paper describing the changes we render with our therapy in the Mental and Physical Health of Severe Concussion Patients is published!

The paper was presented this at the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury in New Orleans, LA, in March, 2017 and now it is available in Frontiers Neurology: Neurotrauma Section (Impact Factor 3.552) (see link below).


The short ‘Results and ‘Conclusion’ paragraphs are interesting and informative.

Context: There are approximately 1.8 to 3.6 million…

ABC’s News Nightline TV Show: Chiropractic Neurology for the Treatment of Concussion

In August 2012, ABC’s News Nightline TV show did a feature on chiropractic neurology for the treatment of concussion. I believe you will find it informative.

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