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(Initially written for the Holiday Season, burn-out can occur any time of year!)

Now that the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season has ended, are you ringing in the New Year rather sluggishly? You are not alone! Often at the end of stressful periods, many of us experience a condition known as “burn-out”.

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Common Sense Colds Prevention

Hallmark to the prevention of colds and flu-like symptoms, outside of the nutritional realm previously posted, are the some well-known measures are getting plenty of fluids & rest and staying warm. Washing one’s hands is not as well-known and deserves our attention. ‘Pushing fluids’ describes better what I tell patients, because ‘drinking plenty of fluids’ does not emphasis enough its importance and effectiveness, especially at the onset of symptoms. Place a full glass of water on one’s work desk, kitchen counter top or where one is throughout the day. Of course, this will cause more frequent urination, but this inconvenience is well-worth the prevention. Everyone studying science and ‘pre-med’ remembers the green & yellow colors that appear on petri dishes after they have been swabbed with samples from various everyday-used surfaces: the refrigerator door handle, faucet, computer mouse, etc. Thousands of microorganisms are transmitted with a single hand-shake, so washing one’s hands often is critical to preventing the transmission of potentially bad ones.

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