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Upper Neck Tightness Causes Many Disturbances

If the top two bones in the neck are out-of-alignment or not moving well from sustained head-tilting and repetitive head movements the nerves that pass through the area over stimulate the adjacent nerves can cause: stomach upset, heart palpitations, fatigue, sleep disorders, irritability, upper neck stiffness and pain and headache and migraine.


High-deductible Health Insurance Plans May Cost Your More!

Substantially more, as many as 75%, HSA (health savings account) high-deductible health 
plans are being forced upon employees for their health coverage.  This is a substantial 
increase from recent years, and, although it lowers premiums paid or taken out of 
pay-stubs per month it raises out-of-pocket expenses much more than traditional plans.  
To cushion the blow, some employers are paying a part of the high-deductible, but balance 
is the responsibility of the employee.  These pay-out must occur before the insurance 
policy starts.  

Don't be mislead by the lower monthly premium.  For example, for a $5,000.00 deductible 
plan, even if your employer pays for the first $2,500.00, the next $2,500.00 is your 
responsibility before the policy starts to pay.  Once the deductible is met, co-pays or 
percentages-of-payouts remain the responsibility of the employee.

Walt Whitman Poem

Examining one’s posture and mobility is part of each chiropractic neurologist’s analysis. The following Walt Whitman poem excerpt, from Leaves of Grass, was giving to me by a friend while attending chiropractic school.

The Expression of a Well-made Man
But the expression of a well-made man appears not only in his face,

It is in his limbs and joints also,

It is curiously in the joints of his hips and wrists,

It is in his walk, the carriage of his neck,

The flex of his waist and knees- dress does not hide him….

To see him pass conveys as much as the best poem, perhaps more.

Book Review: You’re Only Old Once! by Doctor Seuss

If laughter is the best medicine, then You’re Only Old Once! is a delightful new defense against aging. I highly recommend it for children from 7 to 70.

Anyone who has even submitted to a battery of medical tests will empathize with Dr. Seuss’ Everyman in this wry book. In it we follow our hapless hero through his checkup with the experts at the Golden Years Clinic, beginning with the waiting room and the atmosphere of tranquility it attempts to create. Once out of the waiting room and into the doctor’s domain, all of us can relate to our hero’s desire to escape:

And if you’re the type that gets finichy-finick
at this point you’ll try to get out of that clinic.
But they will outwit you as quick as a winick!
The Quiz-Does will catch you!
They’ll start questionnairing!
They’ll ask you, point blank how your parts are all faring.

Dr. Seuss parodies diagnostic drudgery, after which Everyman must sign on the dotted line.

When at last we are sure
you’ve been properly pilled,
then a few paper forms
must be properly filled
so that you and your heirs
may be properly billed.

As a prolific writer of children’s books, Dr. Seuss’ satiric social commentaries won him countless adult fans. You’re Only Young Once! was published on his 82nd birthday and is aptly described as a book for “obsolete children.”

In this age of highly technical and scientific methods, medical treatment is often reduced to impersonal finding and cold-handed prescription. My emphasis is to preserve the human element — thus are always willing to laugh at ourselves.

With Good Health,

Mark Saracino, DC, DACAN

Diplomat American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology

Chiropractic Neurologist Treats Concussion and Get NHL Scorer Back on Ice

The top scorer in the NHL last year, Sidney Crosby, suffered from a possible career-ending head injury which did not progress with eight months of standard medical care.  After two weeks of chiropractic neurologic care at a chiropractic university, with Dr. Ted Carrick, who taught me clinical neurology in the chiropractic neurology diplomat program, he is now cleared to play this season!  Here is the video of the media conference with Dr. Carrick speaking and the inactive-link to the Sports Illustrated article.  Dr. Saracino

Convertibles & Sun Roofs Irritate the Head & Neck

This is the season for drivers of cars with convertibles and sun roofs to make everyone else wish for the feeling-of-freedom they appear to have, but their cars have some disadvantages!  The deleterious effects on the head, ears and neck may be profound. 

When it is prohibitively and the vehicles have dark-colored interiors, the direct and reflected off-the-dash sunlight causes perspiration.  Conversely, the constant flow-of-air from the open top causes rapid evaporation of the perspiration which chills, pounds and dehydrates the scalp, ear canals and skin over-lying the neck.  This predisposes us to headache, earache and neck stiffness and spasm, respectively.

Sun roofs are more damaging to the drivers’ RIGHT ear and neck areas because the flow of air is greater above the console over the right ear.  Passengers in the front seat are effected on the LEFT side.  These one-sided reactions often build-up slowly then shock us with pain and stiffness when we lift objects overhead, turn the head rapidly or sleep with the head turned.

The best way to travel in an open convertible or sun roof car is to wear close-fitting garments on the head and neck and COVER the effected ear! Happy motoring.

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For Good Health,

Dr. Mark Saracino

Roger Rabbit Medical Mishaps

Minutes hang like hours in a doctor’s waiting room. Worse yet is when our anticipation is met with a hurried exam. Isn’t it frustrating to leave with important questions unanswered?
Walt Disney productions created a parody on medical care titled “Tummy Trouble”. It featured Roger Rabbit who was boosted to stardom in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” An infant whom roger is babysitting accidentally swallows one of his rattles. The child is taken to the hospital, but Roger is misdiagnosed as having ‘tummy trouble’! The abandoned baby roams the hallways while Roger is rushed to surgery. Roger’s operation is halted by the lunch whistle, but he is not out of danger because the infant crawls into the operating room and unwittingly activates an atom smasher! Roger saves himself and the infant by eluding the deadly ray and surviving other life threatening incidences. No doubt, the cartoon addresses some of the shortcomings of today’s health care system.

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Performing Arts Experiences

Practicing next to a dinner theater for eighteen years has allowed me to develop skills in treating performing artists and their specific injuries, i.e., singers’ jaws, necks and throats, dancers’ backs and legs, etc.
Among many other experiences, I have been invited to speak and advise dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and the cast of the 1996-97 New York musical Victor Victoria. I toured Europe in 1991 with the David Parsons Dance Company, a modern dance ensemble that appears biannually at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia. These outside-of-the-office performing arts highlights have been most rewarding. Not only have these activities gotten me involved with some of the most talented and appreciative people, but they have allowed me to give back to a community which has so generously given to me. All of the performing and fine arts in America struggle to survive because they compete with television, movies, sports and popular music.

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Dr. Saracino’s Path to Chiropractic Neurology and the Performing Arts

 (In September 2008 the American Chiropractic Association interviewed Dr. Saracino and published a shorter version (seen at the “Doctor’s Media” navigational link) in the Journal of the ACA.

 Chiropractic Neurologist relies on education and professionalism.   A curiosity about nutrition as a youngster and sports participation as a teen put Mark Saracino, DC, DACAN of King of Prussia, Pa., on the path to becoming a chiropractic neurologist. As a child, he noticed the difference that eating healthy food, back-rub exchanges with an older brother and regular sports activities made in the way he felt. This influenced his use of massage and exercise therapies in practice. Before pursuing machine technology and the beginnings of mechanical engineering he discovered the benefits of taking large dosages of vitamin C to treat and prevent colds.    

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