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The Benefits of a Home Humidifier

During the bitter-cold Winter months the proper amount of humidity is essential to preventing flu-like symptoms. (And, most know that well-humidified air does not dry-out the furniture and reduces static electricity.) If your HVAC (forced hot air) heating system does not have a built-in humidifier, one can be purchased separately at most local appliance stores and used right away. Another less effective method is to place a pot of water atop a radiator or adjacent to a vent. The best place for the stand-alone humidifier is at the top of stairs. This allows some of the humidified air to stay on the second floor and the rest to drift onto the first floor. A clean humidification system is essential to prevent the spread of harmful air born organisms so keep the water and filter clean. One should notice moister sinuses and skin within days.  Dr. Saracino 610 337 3335

Seasonal Temperature Changes

As the season changes, to prevent catching a ‘cold’ or flu-like symptoms, here are some tips. This Fall was particularly warm, so be aware of the changing temperatures throughout the day and evening. Dress more warmly than the day-time highs require, because at dusk the temperature often drops precipitously. The amount of moisture in the air affects the real-feel temperature more than most of us realize. The leaves on the ground, although appearing dry on top, hold moisture for days after is rains. I attest that during this period, even while the sun is shining, moisture emits from the ground and makes it feel colder than the thermometer would have us believe.

Shoveling Tips – Part Two

Use a lightweight, ergonomically-designed shovel. If possible, push the snow aside instead of lifting. If you need to lift, bend your knees, allowing the muscles of your legs and arms to do the work instead of your back.

Do not throw snow over your shoulder or to the side. This requires twisting or turning motions that can cause injury. Take frequent breaks – a fatigued body asks for injury. Stop immediately and seek medical attention if you feel faint, dizzy or have chest pain. If after a few days you continue to feel soreness or muscle strain, it is time for an office visit.

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Why Chiropractic is Often Bashed

You may be surprised to hear the findings of a United Sates Appeals Court decision and how it effected my profession. In 1982 the American Medical Association was found guilty of attempting to destroy its largest competitor – Chiropractic!The court found that the American Medical Association significantly affects the health care market in American and that: first, medical doctors were threatened with suspension if they referred their patients to chiropractors. Second, chiropractors were prevented from obtaining access to hospitals and memberships on hospital staffs. Third, medics were banned from teaching at chiropractic colleges and engaging in joint research.

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How to Prevent Back Injuries in the Home

Chiropractors comprise the largest group of holistic medicine practitioners in America. A holistic practitioner uses not only therapies that assist the body’s own repair system (which produce minimal side effects), but he or she must also be concerned with the patients daily living activities to aid in the prevention of injuries. That’s why chiropractors often ask questions about how you live and move through our earth’s gravitational field.

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Leg Length Inequality Contributes to Low Back Pain

 Leg length inequality (LLI) exists in 40-70 percent of the population. The causes include: one  side foot pronation, degenerative joint disease of the hip, knee and ankle, congenital hip dysplasia, avascular necrosis of the hip, fracture and knee and hip replacements. However, according to reseacher Taylor, the majority of LLI cases are due to uneven growth rates at the growth plates of the long bones of the legs.

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