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Fast and Easy Health Survey

 With as many as 72% of the US population with broadband access to the internet, I would like to mention, again, the very easy to fill-out and useful Harvard University website and health questionnaire Only a few minutes of your time to answer the questions will give you a good idea what your general health status is and where you may need to improve.

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Dangerous Herbs & Drugs Interactions

 The popularity of food supplements has grown, but their labeling requirements remain lax. The industry has created the terminology Standard Process for herbs which almost guarantees their potency, but the quantities and qualities of various vitamin and mineral formulas is suspect. which possess a danger. Some of the more popular natural remedies create deleterious effects when combined with drugs for the same purpose. Here are a few examples: St. John’s Wort, commonly used for depression, can alter drug metabolism and intensify or prolong the effects of some narcotic and anesthetic agents. Anise, Feverfew and Dong Quai have demonstrated an anticoagulation effect along with high dosages of Vitamin E, alfalfa and Coenzyme Q10. Ginseng biloba, touted to improve memory and increase blood circulation, may reduce platelets. Evening primrose oil, when taken by a patient already on epileptogenic agents, can actually increase seizures.

Additionally, people are taking large dosages of these products while taking prescribed medications…

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A Natural Defense for Sinusitis and Flu

Chiropractic manipulations have helped prevent or reduce the duration of common colds by bolstering the immune system with an increase in immunoglobulin A levels and a decrease in the levels of glucocorticoid cortisol, a major component of stress. Chiropractic may affect the common cold through stress reduction.

Suggested therapy for such cold and flu-like symptoms as dripping sinuses, scratchy throat, cold and fatigued feelings: take two tablets each twice a day 500milligrams time released vitamin C, 30,000 international units vitamin A, 30milligrams zinc di-picolinate, 60milligrams grape seed extract, one dropper liquid Echinacea and Goldenseal. Spray sinuses with .1% grapefruit extract and drink many more fluids than usual.

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