A Few Words about Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

I was asked to speak about my discovery of and involvement with an adults-with-disabilities community in Kimberton which I serve as a Friends Committee member. Camphill Village Kimberton Hills provides its villagers to live fulfilled lives.

Second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination received 2/10/2021

The office remains open during the quarantine. On February 10th 2021 I received the second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. I am a grateful “1A” recipient of the exhaustive and timely efforts scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies made during Operation Warp Speed. Dr Saracino


Concussion Video

I was asked to speak about concussion to about 500 attorneys at the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Annual Workers Compensation Conference in Hersey a few months ago.

Please copy, highlight and paste the following link into your browser.

If you know someone who suffers from these symptoms, please send them the link. I welcome your comments. Your efforts are appreciated.

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Concussion and Migraine Update

A few years ago, the codes doctors use to label diseases was upgraded. To we chiropractic and medical neuarologist’s satisfaction, many of the symptoms that accompany concussions, migraines and severe headaches, such as abdominal complaints like nausea (G43.DO), visual changes causing double-vision and eye pain (G43.B) and mental-state changes of mental fatigue while concentrating and personality changes not experienced prior (R41.9), were included in the new codes. These reevised codes were more inclusive and they, in some respects, justified our long-time recognition of the complications of concussion(SO6. …), migraines (G43. …) and headaches.
The list below shows just a few of the updated conditions that were not well understood not long ago and ones seen in my patient population.
Our understanding of concussions and other head-origin complaints is growing.

                 ICD-10 Cranial (head) Doiagnostic Codes

R51        Headache & Facial px: chronic or daily
M53.0    Cervicocranial syndrome
G43.C0   Periodic headache syndromes child or adult
G44.209 Tension, cervicogenic headache
G44.011 Cluster headache, episodic
G44.021 Cluster headache, chronic
G43.009 Migraine without aura
G43.109 Migraine with aura
G43.809 Other migrc/ostatusmigrainosus(days long)
G43.809 Allergic headache
G44.1      Vascular headache
G43.B      Ophthalmoplegic migraine
G43.D0    Abdominal migrane
S06.0X0   Concussion without loss of consciousness
S06.0X1   Concuss with loss of conscious less 30 mins
S06.0X9   Concuss with loss of conscious unspec time
H93.1       Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
I63.9        Cerebral infarct
G51.0       Bell’s Palsy
H81.0       Meniere’s disease
F07.81      Post-concussion syndrome
H51.11     Convergence insufficiency
H81.49     Vertigo central origin, ear
S07.OXXA Crushing injury of face
S00.83XA  Contusion face
H81.10      Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo BPPV
M54.81     Occipital neuralgia
H57.811    Brow ptosis R
H57.812    Brow ptosis L
H57.813    Brow ptosis bilateral
G31.84      Mild cognitive impairment
R41.0        Mental state- not thinking clearly
R41.9        Unspec cognitive functions and awareness
R25.0        Abnormal head movements

Radio Interview on Concussion, Headahces and Sports Injuries

This podcast, seen at this link and at the “Concussion1” icon on my website http://www.DrSaracino.com, is from a one-hour radio show recorede 3/25/19, about concussion, headaches and injuries. The outline below the image you will see allows one to zero-in to the topic desired to listen to. I hope you find it interesting and informative.

Facebook Neck Traction Device Not Recommended

I perform correct mechanical and manual neck traction in the office when indicated, but not like that which is shown in the facebook video-clip. The shortcoming with this devise is that it does not provide traction which is the pulling of the head away from the shoulders to lengthen the neck muscles. Instead this device elevates the neck like a regular pillow which shortens the muscle in the front of the neck. Forward traction should not be performed, but the use of a cervical pillow at night while sleeping (more or less a pillow with a hole in the middle which I have in the office) AND not looking down while typing, reading and watching TV are the two best home-remedies. Neck conditions change the naturally occurring forward curve in the neck by either flattening or reversing. If one already had purchased this devise, I would recommend after examining the neck and treating it, that the head strap be placed around the back of the neck. Dr Saracino


Upper Neck Tightness Causes Many Disturbances


If the top two bones in the neck are out-of-alignment or not moving well from sustained head-tilting and repetitive head movements the nerves that pass through the area over stimulate the adjacent nerves can cause: stomach upset, heart palpitations, fatigue, sleep disorders, irritability, upper neck stiffness and pain and headache and migraine.


Drugless Effective Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease


Electric Muscle Stimulation to the muscles around the ear is starting to be researched and understood to be an effective method of treating Parkinson’s Disease. I suggest you read the short “Background” and “Conclusion” paragraphs.

Research Paper on Therapy I Perform for Chronic Concussion Syndrome

PUBLISHED TODAY! A chiropractic neurologist and his team of researchers, today, had a scientific paper describing the changes we render with our therapy in the Mental and Physical Health of Severe Concussion Patients is published!

The paper was presented this at the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury in New Orleans, LA, in March, 2017 and now it is available in Frontiers Neurology: Neurotrauma Section (Impact Factor 3.552) (see link below).


The short ‘Results and ‘Conclusion’ paragraphs are interesting and informative.

Context: There are approximately 1.8 to 3.6 million…

An over-the-counter Amino Acid is Found to Lower Blood Pressure

A research study performed at my alma mater.



The 7 meta-analyses that were included in this umbrella review reported significant positive benefits for reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive adults by 2.2 to 5.4 mm Hg and 2.7 to 3.1 mm Hg, respectively, reducing diastolic blood pressure in pregnant women with gestational hypertension by 4.9 mm Hg, and reducing the length of stay in the hospital for surgical patients; in addition, 2 of the 3 meta-analyses indicated a 40% reduction in the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. However, these positive results should be considered with caution because statistically significant heterogeneity was observed in 5 of the 7 meta-analyses.


Some evidence appears to support the benefit of l-arginine supplementation for reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive adults and reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections and the length of stay in the hospital for surgical patients. Given the limitations of the included studies, interpretations should be made with caution.

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